These Creative Imaginations Are Just Perfect 25 Snaps


Guess these creative imaginations are just perfect. A tiny wrapper can create magic. And a visual artist Martha Haversham from the UK is behind this art. Paper Culottes, Money Bags, Coffee Capsule Collection are the signs of her work. Indeed she is genius. She proves that Inspiration can come from anywhere. Just imagine the Palazzo pants that are fantastic.


Slydor gets her epic design photos for your inspiration. Her versions of tiny items are truly incredible. Check her page smallditch. And enjoy her work. Scroll down and enjoy!

Source: Instagram

  1. 1 Bravo!

  2. 2 I want this skirt

  3. 3 Shadow Definitely Pops More

  4. 4 Jaunty!

  5. 5 It’s Very Some Like It Hot

  6. 6 Adorbs As Usual

  7. 7 Genius!

  8. 8 Blast From The Past

  9. 9 Definitely Couture

  10. 10 An Oreo Fanatic

  11. 11 What A Cool Effect

  12. 12 Love This One

  13. 13 Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

  14. 14 Elizabeth x II

  15. 15 You Are Amazing

  16. 16 A Balloon Hat

  17. 17 Love The Creativity

  18. 18 So Good!

  19. 19 Strapless Gum Dress

  20. 20 Perfect !

  21. 21 New Pirate Outfit

  22. 22 Cool Photo

  23. 23 This One Is So Good!

  24. 24 Brilliant!

  25. 25 Dope!

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