These Employee Took The Opportunity To Quit By Their Horns


When we think of letters of resignation, we normally think of a long, boring paragraph of words, expressing one’s desire to leave the company they had been working for. But then there are certain individuals who like to think outside the box, or more specifically, out of this world.

  1. 1 This store needs a new 'boss'

  2. 2 Mr. Cake’s letter was actually pretty pleasant

  3. 3 Jurassic Work

  4. 4 One Last Drink

  5. 5 This store assistant took this opportunity by the horns

  6. 6 Left behind this epic framed picture for his boss

  7. 7 This employee decided to make good use of the billboard sign

  8. 8 Don't contact!

  9. 9 And It's not an error

  10. 10 Fast Food, Fast Exit

  11. 11 Quit The Job, Drop The Mic

  12. 12 Perfect Metaphor! People can have such creative minds

  13. 13 Resign In Peace

  14. 14 “I QUIT!”

  15. 15 This person chose to write their two weeks notice in a card

  16. 16 This proud quitter!

  17. 17 To the point resignation

  18. 18 Mitch implied self-destructive method

  19. 19 So he did a favor to his boss by telling he's leaving

  20. 20 Mario Has Left The Building

  21. 21 What 'F' stands here for?

  22. 22 Sorry But Not Sorry

  23. 23 P.S - Can I still use you guys as a reference?

  24. 24 No farewell, Good bye!

  25. 25 A printer spewed out its very own letter of resignation, apologizing for its incompetence and inability to deal with work pressure

  26. 26 Perfect example of a horrible boss

  27. 27 Perfectly Worded

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