Things Americans Don’t Realize Are Odd

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There is a long list of things americans don’t realize are odd. Here we are showing some of them and if you find them relatable then don’t forget to share with your friends who know a plenty of weird american individuals.

  1. 1 The Tipping Economy

    No one in the United States wants to go out to dinner with the friend who refuses to tip well. While that friend is a villain here, he'd be right at home in most European countries.

  2. 2 Air conditioning everywhere, pumped up to the max.

    Don't get me wrong, when it's 108 degrees outside, AC is a real blessing and I wouldn't survive a summer in NYC without it. But do we really have to go from sweltering heat to literally 40 degrees indoors? Can't we find some nice middle ground between sweating our asses off and having to wrap ourselves in a blanket to make it through a day at the office?

  3. 3 Restaurants that serve ice in your water no matter the weather.

  4. 4 Backward Date Format

  5. 5 The huge gaps in toilet doors.

  6. 6 The early dinner

  7. 7 Air conditioning. Everywhere. All the time.

  8. 8 Flag obsessed

  9. 9 The waiters who come back to check on you every three minutes.

  10. 10 Law changing for state to state.

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1.2k shares, 844 points
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