Things That Are Oddly Tiny 30 Snaps


Guess those 30 things that are oddly tiny. Obviously, they are the tiniest. In fact, people found the smallest thing ever and share on the internet too.


Actually, the thirst of finding oddly looking stuff is endless. So every day we can see interesting items to satisfy our curiosity. And no doubt they look cool too. Somehow the idea of collecting tiny things is not bad at all. Therefore Slydor makes this article for you. There are 30 snaps of oddly tiny things. And they are actually so satisfying. Now continue scrolling to start reading. Here they are:

Source: Reddit




  1. 1 A Tiny Cube Of Salt Formed In The Neglected Play Doh From My Cranium Game

  2. 2 My pocket sized dictionary

  3. 3 This Tiny Bible

  4. 4 Mini Seashells

  5. 5 The size of this tiny snail

  6. 6 This tiny pickle, nickel for size comparison

  7. 7 mini pack of tic-tacs I got from my hotel

  8. 8 These smaller gummy bears found in the bag

  9. 9 This tiny spider web on the clothes line

  10. 10 A cool little bush car and dog

  11. 11 I found some tiny tools at my grandparents house

  12. 12 A very small potato I ate yesterday

  13. 13 His pack of gum looks like a small pack of cigarettesOC

  14. 14 This small hammer

  15. 15 Miniature Forest Inside Petrified WoodOC

  16. 16

  17. 17 These Tiny Trench Dice

  18. 18 This Orange Has A Tiny Orange Inside

  19. 19 A Tiny Pancake

  20. 20 This Tiny Stop Signs

  21. 21 This Tiny Pineapple

  22. 22 This Small Apple Inside An Apple

  23. 23 Little Micro Onions

  24. 24 This Tiny Mushroom

  25. 25 So Small Grasshopper

  26. 26 This Baby Baby Tomato

  27. 27 Tiny Carrot

  28. 28 This Little Bumblebee

  29. 29 This Little Angle

  30. 30

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