This Guy Is BFF With Celebrities


Lorenz Valentino¬†who is also known as Dino, is BFF with celebrities. It sounds funny but it’s true. He’s been photoshopping himself in famous people’s photos. This genius guy has photoshop skills and is quite an expert at it too. Slydor shared his hilariously photoshopped photos¬†previously.


Lorenzo keeps himself busy with celebrities most of the times. Whether it’s a photo shoot or a recording going on, he’s always there on time. Moreover, people endorse his expertise. He has already earned 31.8k followers on his Instagram page.

This amazing guy is a BFF with celebrities and there’s no doubt in it. His skills have proved how brilliantly he can add himself in celebs photos without an error. That makes him actually look like BFF of celebs. How funny is that? Lorenzo’s art speaks for its self. Take a look and enjoy!

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  1. 1 Keeping up with the Kardashians

  2. 2 It wasn't my idea to sit on his shoulders but Kevin is too afraid of heights

  3. 3 David Beckham came into my tattoo studio the other day

  4. 4 Ohh isn't that the sweetest thing ever?? Love you JLo

  5. 5 Daniel Craig hope you're better after crashing your plane again

  6. 6 What do you think about my little dancing session with Madonna?

  7. 7 She tastes like bacon

  8. 8 They wanted us to do naughty things but I'm just not that kinda Dino, ya know

  9. 9 Vancity Reynolds has asked me several times now 'Dino, what is your super strength?'

  10. 10 When you wanna shave but can't properly reach the back of your leg? Well, Victoria Beckham has the same problem. But that's what friends do, right?

  11. 11 David Guetta loved the gig. But remember you still owe me cash

  12. 12 Paris Hilton came down to Berlin. Great to start the year with this glamorous girl!!

  13. 13 Posing with longtime friend Jennifer Lawrence

  14. 14 Kylie Jenner we belong together

  15. 15 Went for a walk with Ryan Gosling and we happened to catch some Pokemon

  16. 16 We all have bad habits, don't we?

  17. 17 I thought it would be a great idea to get out of the friend zone so i bought this book for some help

  18. 18 OMG, I have found a new passion. I LOVE SINGING! And I happen to have a friend who's always there for me and happy to share these times in which I can just be myself...

  19. 19 If you ever wondered how Khloe Kardashian does it. We all have (had) our secrets, don't we?

  20. 20 Melania Trump makes a brilliant First Lady. I mean just look at her. Yeah, she needs to improve her table manners!

  21. 21 'OK, Kim. I know you're obsessed with real Donald Trump'

  22. 22 Khloe Kardashian and I had been working out for 11 hours. I was so pumped!!

  23. 23 Star Wars loved the action and special effects. Brought my plunger for safety reasons!

  24. 24 Some may have noticed me...throughout the movie I was hiding in the trunk. For this scene I was asked to act and give this moment a more futuristic character...

  25. 25 Dear Englishmen, I've just received my knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen

  26. 26 Star Wars let's never do this explosion thing again... Luckily I was faster than John Boyega

  27. 27 So Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and ome more of my closest friends came together last night to celebrate my 25k followers

  28. 28 Had a great time with these guys in 'Dirty Grandpa'

  29. 29 Hillary Clinton it's getting hot in here. let's make it naughty girl!

  30. 30 I'm sorry Lily. But this was for my career. I swear!!

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