Tricky Packaging Fails That Are More Than Irritating


Consistently we see increasingly more shrewd imaginative packaging plans line the racks. Be that as it may, a few brands appear to think that it’s more troublesome than others to bundle their items suitably. On the off chance that an organization or brand structures another item you would feel that they had thoroughly considered their packaging. The bundling of an item is the main thing we, as buyers see. That doesn’t make a difference for the following most noticeably awful packaging bombs ever.

  1. 1 "So, do I use this for personal hygiene or in the recording studio?"

  2. 2 70x2=140 Not 110

  3. 3 John Cena

  4. 4 "Literally why I hate this packaging (I used to be able to #recycle it, but no longer "

  5. 5 "Last week got all my fruit and veg plastic free at local grocery, but this week due to various reason (none sufficiently good), I did a last minute shop online with Ocado. Knowing lots comes in plastic I tried to buy all the lose fruit and veg to reduce the packaging it would arrive in. Everything still came wrapped in plastic or in plastic containers"

  6. 6 "I love typos."

  7. 7 "Found this phone grip at a store...WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING?? How is one supposed to try it if it is completely sealed???"

  8. 8 "seriously??!!! You send me a garlic press by parcel force in a 6x the size un recyclable envelope. I only had a wardrobe delivered this week. Would it not have been a good idea to send it with that? Doh! Or maybe just a smaller paper box? The size of the garlic press!! "

  9. 9 "When your alphah absolute eye complex packagingfails on the first few days of use and you have to empty it into a kitchen container to be able to use it ..."

  10. 10 "We got some protein with our raspberries!"

  11. 11 Interesting way to pack a board game..

  12. 12 Even if these tweezers are complete s**t the descriptions are well worth it. Enjoy!

  13. 13 And an honorable mention to the adorable Too Faced packaging that isn't totally shannon proof- if you can tell!

  14. 14 "Y'know what? F**k you too, Campbell's."

  15. 15 Talk about excessive packaging... It's just a box of toothpaste...

  16. 16 "I think this box is too big....."

  17. 17 McD on aids.... really?

  18. 18 Mmm not quite a true representation lol

  19. 19 WT* microwaves Advil?

  20. 20 What really?

  21. 21 The rice is strange, on a fancy dress mickey mouse costume

  22. 22 "I got so scared because I thought there was a child in the box as well."

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