There Are Two Types Of Girls – Choose Your Type


There are always two or more types of everything. According to Gelett Burgess, there are two types of people in the world (bromides and sulfides). Just like that, there are two types of girls. Comment which one is yours according to the situation.


Share if you count yourself in these types of girls

  1. 1 Two natural reactions on seeing a dinosaur

  2. 2 Looks!

  3. 3 Cardio bunnys and weight lifters.

  4. 4 Shoes vs Heal

  5. 5 The one who doesn't care

  6. 6 High heals vs. slippers

  7. 7 12+ vs 18+

  8. 8 To Flaunt or Don't?

  9. 9 Drinkers difference

  10. 10 Lazy vs. active

  11. 11 Two types of girls at snapchat

  12. 12 Different night stories

  13. 13 Messy!

  14. 14 With or without makeup?

  15. 15 Two type of girls in winter.

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