The Most Unearthly Soups Throughout The World


From youth, everybody advised that the soup must be in the day by day menu. Regardless of whether it’s a bowl of sweltering chicken soup on a chilly winter night or icy cucumber soup, which charmingly cool on a sweltering summer day, whether it’s simply the primary dish before the fundamental night or endeavor to remain one’s stomach – all welcome. In a universe of extraordinary number of formulas – simply scrumptious and healthy, ordinary and irregular, however here we have the most unearthly soups throughout the world.

  1. 1 Iguana Soup

    Soup will be served throughout the Caribbean region, particularly in Aruba, where the iguana is considered a chicken. In it, except meat, lots of vegetables. Iguana really reminds chicken to taste, but it is bony and with scales, but it is considered an aphrodisiac. The fact that two iguanas penis precisely one, but branched.

  2. 2 Soup Tein Khan

    This is a traditional soup Asians. Bloody Vietnamese soup made from fresh duck blood, but strangely does not end there, since it is necessary to add a goiter and birds. To the blood clot, it was cooled in the refrigerator, and thus fed. It is believed that the soup and gives strength to the one who eats, and the one who prepared it.

  3. 3 Menudo Soup

    This is a traditional soup, in English it is called “The Mexican soup”, which is prepared in the cow stomach for special occasions, such as for the treatment of a hangover. The main ingredients of this stomach cows and corn porridge. Soup cook on low heat for a long time and, as they say, it turns out very tasty thanks to the delicate stomach.

  4. 4 Soup Bats

    This soup is popular on the islands of Palau in the Pacific. It is prepared from bats despite diseases that these animals are spread, and coconut milk, wherein the animal meat, and cooked for several hours. Some restaurants offer a taste soup from a plate which looks the head of a bat.

  5. 5 The bird's nest soup

    Soup from the nests of swallows has always been considered a delicacy in China and are very expensive. It is served only in some restaurants. Swallows Nest mold using mud, manure and its saliva, that this spit in the soup and performs the role of gelatin.

  6. 6 Chicken Testicle Soup

    It surely isn’t your typical chicken soup. This soup is made from broth, vegetables and chicken testicles.

    Apparently, chicken testicles are creamy on the inside (yuck) and very similar to tofu but they have a tighter skin that’s more like a sausage. Others say it reminds them of an undercooked egg. This soup is said to have good health benefits and you can buy black or white chicken testicles for your soups.

  7. 7 Beer Soup

    Beer soup was originally invented in Germany but over time, it became popular throughout Europe as well. Typically made with beer and fried flour, some recipes also use potatoes. And if you travel to Wisconsin, you’ll find beer soup at almost every bar and grill, and restaurant. But Wisconsin beer soup will always be filled with lots and lot of cheese.

  8. 8 Fruit Soup

    This is a Polish soup and mainly eaten in the summertime, as the main course. This soup is made with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It’s served with noodles or croutons. The tradition of this soup is waning a bit with more of a variety of fare available.

  9. 9 Duck blood soup

    This soup is a specialty soup made in Kashubia and Greater Poland. Filled with duck blood, clear poultry broth, spices, dried fruits, fine noodles or little dumplings, this soup has some of everything.

    This soup was traditionally served to men who had asked fathers for their daughter’s hand in marriage, and was told “no.” It’s a wonder why a soup filled with the blood of ducks and other various ingredients would help sooth the sad soul of a man in love.

  10. 10 Cool as cucumber and horseradish soup

    Having cold soup is weird, it feels counter intuitive. When I saw this recipe for cucumber, yogurt & horseradish soup in MS Living however my interest was peeked. Mm, that does sound really refreshing…cool cucumber & yogurt with a subdtle bite of horseradish.

  11. 11 Cold Cucumber and Avocado Soup

  12. 12 Shark fin soup

  13. 13 Chicken foot soup

    Chicken foot soup is a Jamaican Saturday staple made with pumpkins, carrots, yellow yam, cho-cho, some ladies fingers and of course the fiery Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder with this soup, but there is no mistaking this is a tasty and popular offering.

  14. 14 Stew peas and pigtail soup.

    If Hella-top is the queen of Jamaican puddings, then stew peas and pigtail is the king of Jamaican soups. This well loved Jamaican dish doesn’t actually contain peas but rather stewed red kidney beans which give it a rich flavour. The added dumplings or spinners as they’re known make sure it’s extra filling. It can be found everywhere from street cook-shops to upmarket restaurants and is one of the most common Jamaican foods. The salted pig tail is the key ingredient here and while tasty does mean inevitable bits of tail gristle can pepper mouthfuls.

  15. 15 Creamy tomato soup

    Creamy tomato soups are easy and delicious meals, but the natural acidity of tomatoes can curdle the milk you add.

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