25 Of The Most Unexpected Things You Wish You Saw Sooner Ep 2


Look at unexpected things you wish you saw sooner. The world is full of weird things. And we can see on the internet too. For example, have you never seen a frozen flood picture? or this sport “extreme ironing” before? Surely no. Therefore Slydor makes this post again.


Hence check why unexpected things you wish you saw sooner. Because these are shocking. To this end start scrolling now. Enjoy this post. Wait for the next one. Cheers!

  1. 1 This Rock

  2. 2 One Of The Largest Flower Beetles In The World

  3. 3 Cat Named Yoda Was Born With An Extra Set Of Ears

  4. 4 This Is A Woman In Body Paint

  5. 5 Monitor Lizards Fighting Look Like 2 Bros Hugging After Not Seeing Each Other For A While

  6. 6 Hand Carved Penny

  7. 7 The Elaeomyxa Cerifera Is An Iridescent Purple Fungi Which Bursts Open And Releases Spores That Look Like Glitter

  8. 8 This Hotel In Costa Verde, Costa Rica

  9. 9 Size Comparison Between This Man And Large Tree

  10. 10 Pebbles On Mars

  11. 11 Demodex folliculorum, A Microscopic Mite That Can Only Survive On The Skin Of Humans

  12. 12 There’s An Extreme Sport Called “Extreme Ironing” Where People Go To Remote Locations And Iron Their Clothes

  13. 13 A 4k Up Close Shot Of All The Craters On The Moon

  14. 14 When In Japan Toilet Is Broken, Plumber And IT Engineer Will Come To Fix It

  15. 15 here There Was A Queue On The Mount Everst Today With Over 2 Hours Of Waiting To Get To The Peak

  16. 16 A Piece Of Brick Wall Smoothed Out By The Ocean After Years Of Being Stranded On A Beach

  17. 17 Extreme Hammocking

  18. 18 Control Room Of The U-Boat Submarine, 1918

  19. 19 Giant African Land Snail

  20. 20 1666 Hand Carved

  21. 21 Cats Can Stand On Their Hind Legs

  22. 22 Vietnamese Fisherwoman Making A Fishing Net

  23. 23 Teamlab Borderless Museum In Odaiba, Japan

  24. 24 Check Out This Crazy Looking Grasshopper I Found

  25. 25 The Way This Road Snakes Around These Two Mountains In Iceland

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