20 Unexpectedly Amazing Shadows That Will Make You Figure Them Out


What happens when a shadow gets tired of following around the same people and objects all the time, and goes rogue? It turns out that shadows can produce some incredible optical illusions, and turn up in the most unexpected places and forms.

  1. 1 Who Never Thought About This?

  2. 2 Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

  3. 3 Shadow Gives Impression Of Infinite Staircase

  4. 4 Tree’s Shadow

  5. 5 Playground Shadows

  6. 6 Isn’t this the most polite truck you’ve ever seen?

  7. 7 The sun melted down the snow everywhere but where the bikes’ shades were.

  8. 8 This Spiders Reflection In A Pool

  9. 9 Mt. Rainier Shadow From My Backyard

  10. 10 Shadows Of Leaves From A Tree During A Solar Eclipse

  11. 11 The Shadow Of My Plane Formed A Rainbow Around It

  12. 12 Cheerful Shadow

  13. 13 Very interesting…

  14. 14 Shadows Like A Plaid

  15. 15 This Cat Food Bag’s Shadow Really Looks Like A Cat

  16. 16 This Little Sundog

  17. 17 Found The Eye Of Sauron While Wine Tasting

  18. 18 Proposed To My Girlfriend And Realized There Is A Heart In Our Shadows

  19. 19 The Shadow Of This Juice Glass Looks Like A Rose

  20. 20

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