15+ Best Unofficial Disney Days At Disney Land


Disneyland is the worst best and the most tourist place in California. You may’ve experienced the sadness of returning from Disneyland. Disneyland also arranges Disney events in which they prepare cosplays, dressing-up and Disney themes. Trust me or not but that’s the perfect idea to join in unofficial Disney days.


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  1. 1 Bats Day in the Fun Park

    Even prior to The Nightmare Before Christmas’ epic cartoon celebration of all things creepy-cool, black-swathed Goths had stuff to obsess over at Disneyland: the Haunted Mansion and, of course, all the infamous villains (Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen, etc.) seen throughout the park. This popular spooktacular's growth, with a marketplace, expo and off-site parties, makes sense. But with so much black garb and makeup to melt, the only thing we never got about Bats Day is why it’s during the unfiendish, sunshine-drenched spring season.

  2. 2 Gay Days Anaheim

    The one that started it all was born when Disneyland canceled its annual sanctioned private party for gays and lesbians back in 1998. The queer community in L.A. was not having it and created Gay Days Anaheim, a "mix-in" of gay and straight during general public hours. Participants wear red shirts to identify one another and make their massive presence known, and it attracts more than 30,000 guests each year.

  3. 3 Pin-up Parade in the Park

    It could be argued that Minnie Mouse was the original pin-up girl, what with her cute polka-dot frocks, matching bows and pumps. Daisy Duck’s no slouch either. For fans for retro-sexy (primarily 1940s to the '60s) fashion and Disney “bounding” (referencing Disney characters with color and subtle embellishments), this gathering of glamour girl gaggles helmed by Burbank-based Pinup Girl Boutique is a hot ticket. And we mean smoldering hot.

  4. 4 Tiki Day

    A tiki-themed kiki at Disney is a no-brainer. After all, the Enchanted Tiki Room is an iconic destination. The Dole Juice and Whip stand outside it are one of the park’s most popular refreshments. And, of course, just outside the park, tropical drinks with a real punch can be had at Trader Sam’s. Florals, Hawaiian shirts, and vibrant retro prints bring island flair and fun to this one.

  5. 5 Dapper's day

    Frustrated by the frumpy attire at the park, designer Justin Jorgensen took inspiration from early conceptual illustrations of Disneyland that showed guests wearing suits and gowns. In 2011, he organized his first outing there for the elegantly dressed. Now thousands participate.

  6. 6 Galli day

    Whatever the reason, Dr. Who fans have adopted Disneyland as the site of their cosplay day. For onlookers that means paying witness to costumed fans (the fedoras and the long scarves are a giveaway) hopping on rides en masse, wielding Tardis toys, and going on scavenger hunts.

  7. 7 Superhero day

    Superhero Day unites superhero fanatics and Disney fans alike by encouraging everyone to sport the colors and logos of their favorite comic book characters. The event first took place in 2015, when organizers Kevin Winston and Steve Sievers spearheaded the effort to bring this unofficial day to the park.

    Should you choose to participate in Superhero Day or unofficial Disney day on this list, Disney parks prohibit full on costumes which may confuse kids. It's okay, however, to wear T-shirts or under armor with superhero logos, colors, and accessories—just don't dress up exactly like a character.

  8. 8 Burner Day

    Gay Days is one of the oldest unofficial Disney celebrations still going. The event is a means for people in both the LGBT community and Disney fan community to come together, socialize, and represent themselves in multiple ways. From private screenings, lunches, scavenger hunts, and even a pool party, there is always more than enough entertainment provided for the 30,000 expected attendees of the weekend, and Gay Days has grown to include other Disney parks around the globe including Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

  9. 9 It's A Ska World After All

    What happens when you mix Jamaican music with a little bit of calypso and some American blues and jazz? You get the wonderful upbeat sound of ska! Ska became popular in the 1960s, first hitting the airwaves of Jamaica. In the 80s, UK-based bands like The Specials, Madness, The English Beat and The Selecter followed suit, and the rest is genre history.

    Fans of ska and all things Disney come together annually for It's A Ska World After All, a self-proclaimed day of "music, peace, unity, anti-violence, & anti-racism." Rude boys and girls of all ages from all over the world enjoy a fun-filled day at Disneyland, which often includes a Twitter scavenger hunt for prizes, photo ops, dancing, meeting new friends and much, much more.

  10. 10 Villain's day

    Every superhero needs a villain, so it's no surprise that Villain's Day came into being around the same time as Superheros Day—the first annual event was held in 2015. The day was put together by a Facebook group who call themselves The Circle of Villains. The Circle wishes to share its passion for Disney and their parks "with one another; (in) a place where the Villains can have their 'Happily Ever After!'”

  11. 11 Steam Day

    Another fashion statement that overlaps with the Goths, Steam Day is less about black and more brown, bronze and dusty looks. Clockdials and retro-mechanical inspired accessories are everywhere, and Tomorrowland's new tech and spacey stuff is, obviously, avoided.

  12. 12 The Second Annual Lyme Disease Awareness Day

  13. 13 Tron Fan Day

    This event was originally created to celebrate the release of Tron: Legacy on Blu-ray/DVD back in 2010. Fans gathered carrying identity discs and adorning custom reflective jumpsuits as they hung out around Flynn's Arcade and the new (at the time) ElecTRONica dance club in Disney's California Adventure. Sadly, the last Tron Fan Day was held in 2012, but like Flynn, the event still lives on in fans' hearts.

  14. 14 Lolita Day

    Taking place in October, Lolita Day features plenty of ruffles, curls, and bows that often give participants a doll-like quality. The Lolita look can also be found on Bats Day, but you'll find fewer darker tones here and far more colorful pastels that rival any Disney princess during this event.

  15. 15 Raver Day

    Disney is quite popular with the rave set. Every December, ravers swarm Toon Town, Fantasy Land, and Tomorrowland. Once the sun sets, the group can be found at the Mad Hatter Tea Party in Disney's California Adventure, where DJ's and dance troupes keep the party going well into the night.

  16. 16 Star Wars Day

    There's an official Star Wars weekend held in June, but only at Disney World. As a protest, a group started their own Star Wars day at Disneyland in 2005. You won't get to meet Darth Vader, but there's an official Star Wars Day T-shirt for sale, the proceeds of which go to the The American Cancer Society.

  17. 17 Harry Potter

    Harry Potter Day at Disneyland was an unofficial fan event which ran from 2006 until 2014. This page serves now as a testament to the people whose dedication and creative energy made this event such a singular and remarkable experience.

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