Top 18 Weird And Useless Life Hacks You Will Laugh At


The internet is full of great tips as well as tricks. Which have come to be known as lifehacks. Sometimes, there just isn’t an easier way to do something. Hence, we try something stupid rather than thinking about it. Therefore, the same thing happened here. Thus take a look at 20 of the worst and most of all ineffectual life hacks and share your views.


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  1. 1 For Lazy Ones

  2. 2 Microwave your food like this

  3. 3 Want popcorn?

  4. 4 Hide your baldness

  5. 5 Don't have roller? Use beer cans

  6. 6 When nature is more important to you

  7. 7 Don't have spoon? Just tape a folk and use as spoon.

  8. 8 Folk razors

  9. 9 Made blending ingredients easy!

  10. 10 Easy way to grow your plants outside!

  11. 11 Want a plate with portions?

  12. 12 Can fix it!

  13. 13 Found a solution.

  14. 14 Chopping onions make you cry? Wrap your face like this.

  15. 15 When laziness is overloaded.

  16. 16 Making water free.

  17. 17 Try this on your own risk,

  18. 18 Lol

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