Vainer – One Year Old Identical Twin’s Dad


Vainer, from Shlomi in Israel, discovered his wife, Dalit, was expecting twins he had no idea what he was letting himself in for. However, rather than be overwhelmed by the chaos, the 31-year-old decided to embrace it and the end result is a rather unusual photo album for his sons, Yanai and Barak, to look back on when they’re older.


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  1. 1 Lights! Camera! Action!

  2. 2 At the bar

  3. 3 Fight!

  4. 4 Team work

  5. 5 Young pirates

  6. 6 Magic

  7. 7 Little artists

  8. 8 So many to fight

  9. 9 Little players

  10. 10 Master chefs

  11. 11 May the force be with you

  12. 12 Mutant teenage ninja turtles.

  13. 13 Can you guess the movie?

  14. 14 Another movie?

  15. 15 Math teachers

  16. 16 Almost got her

  17. 17 Give this movie name?

  18. 18 Future chemists

  19. 19 When kids are out with mom

  20. 20 Spiderbaby

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