Waggish Photos Prove You Should Never Underestimate Power Of Girls


Yes, you should never underestimate the girl’s power. Girls are beautiful, intelligent and funny¬†simultaneously. Their sense of humour is unbeatable. They can make the world turn around if they want. At some point, they find themselves in a tricky situation but they know how to handle due to the smart brains they got.¬†


The collection of witty, freakishly funny and WTF photos of females by Slydor, prove they are way stronger and hilarious than men. Check out and enjoy!

  1. 1 Ready To Take An Immediate Action

  2. 2 Sh'es A Little Stuck

  3. 3 Perfect Time To Fix Your Lips

  4. 4 She Is Posing For A Photo In An Obstacle Race

  5. 5 Maybe This Is The Right Way To Pour Coffee

  6. 6 Fill It Female Way

  7. 7 The Meat Is Covered With Salad

  8. 8 Ooopsss..

  9. 9 She's Delicate

  10. 10 Her Husband Drinks A Lot

  11. 11 The Camera Captured A Little More Than Expected

  12. 12 Unexpectedly Created A Funny Shape

  13. 13 Slightly Bigger Than Her Face

  14. 14 And Then She Left The Refrigerator Open

  15. 15 Right Use Of A Husband

  16. 16 Injury Of The Finger Is Not Going To Stop Me From Finishing My Nail Paint

  17. 17 A Woman Can Do What Ever She Wants

  18. 18 I Am Taking My Pet On A Walk

  19. 19 That's Leafy

  20. 20 Nice Song

  21. 21 We Want It Too

  22. 22 Its Bike's Fault, Its Too Small

  23. 23 Lucky Bird

  24. 24 Custom Built Costume

  25. 25 Hilarity Happen When She Wants Some Fun

  26. 26 The Bottle Is Well Secured

  27. 27 Baby Doll Traveling Home

  28. 28 Never Thought Of This Use Before, Very Creative!

  29. 29 She Can Be Of Any Shape Or Size

  30. 30 Confusing Angle

  31. 31 She Likes It

  32. 32 Trendy Outfit

  33. 33 A Moment For The Click

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