Most Hilarious And Awkward 25 Wedding Fails Part 4


The most hilarious and awkward wedding fails of all times are crazy as hell. All weddings are beautiful and amazing. But whether you spend months or years planning your wedding. You always get caught in some of the funny and embarrassing situations. That eventually results as fail. Sometimes things go perfectly but sometimes things end up hilariously wrong.


Check out our list of the most hilarious and awkward wedding fails of all times (Part 4). Laughter is guaranteed! Scroll down and enjoy till the end.

  1. 1 Tried to be romantic and carry my wife out of the ceremony. Luckily, this was after she said “I do.”

  2. 2 Turns out the mint my brother gave me before he walked me down the aisle was also my 'something blue '... Thanks, Patrick! (but it's hilarious).

  3. 3 It's too windy here.

  4. 4 Nicely grabbed, no?

  5. 5 Catching the cake.

  6. 6 Just a little high today!

  7. 7 When you don't know how to swim.

  8. 8 My husband's grandmother tripped while getting pictures and we tried to catch her. Instead, we all ended up on the floor.

  9. 9 Dropping down!

  10. 10 Yeah, they can see it!

  11. 11 Hilarious wedding dress fail.

  12. 12 Is he her husband?

  13. 13 When you give her a surprise kiss.

  14. 14 Look at their funny expression.

  15. 15 During the hora at our wedding, the leg broke off the chair I was sitting in. I fell eight feet but landed on my feet, and the rabbi and several other people got there in time to steady me. My husband hasn’t noticed yet in this photo.

  16. 16 Gravity effects. LOL

  17. 17 Do you wana have some?

  18. 18 Exposed, no?

  19. 19 My husband’s close friend was so happy, he spilled his glass of wine all over me. I go clean up, return & my dear friend sees me. I crack a joke & she full-on spits her entire mouthful of coffee on my dress. This is me in the bathroom being blow dried the 2nd time.

  20. 20 I stepped on the front of my dress 3 steps from bottom. My new husband Tim held onto me until we reached the bottom.

  21. 21 I danced so hard I ripped my pants...

  22. 22 The priest at my wedding fell asleep during mass and then proceed to say the wrong name for my wife during our vows

  23. 23 This was my cousins wedding fail. They both fell off my cousin had a black eye, broken wrist and I think a broken rib... her husband had a concussion. This was right after the ceremony.

  24. 24 this is a beautiful moment our wedding photographer caught of my new husband laughing at me when I tripped on my dress. Happy to say that 11 years later, we can still make each other laugh.

  25. 25 Hard to understand, no?

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