Wedding Fails Because Of Cute Kids (Part 2)


The wedding is the only occasion where everyone is busy doing their own stuff, no one notices others but a camera does. Today’s content is especially about kids freaking out on weddings. They are stunning cute. Here are some kids getting frustrated at wedding ceremonies.


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  1. 1 I want a break from this wedding

  2. 2 We are next

  3. 3 Keep your kids away

  4. 4 I can't take it anymore... I'm done

  5. 5 Oh God stop it

  6. 6 I want to go home

  7. 7 Ugly

  8. 8 What!!!!

  9. 9 Kid where do you think you're going?

  10. 10 Click on my a**

  11. 11 Shut up everyone!

  12. 12 Still sad

  13. 13 Sleepy!

  14. 14 Why always me?

  15. 15 Hell naughty

  16. 16 Kids will never let you enjoy

  17. 17 Kids couldn't you smile?

  18. 18 Yay I exist

  19. 19 Hey! I'm here

  20. 20 Kid who got their attention

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