24 Weird Designs Are Just Cringey AF


These 25 photos of weird designs are just cringey as f**k. The crapy designs stacked up ahead aren’t only crazy but can give you tummy cramps too. You’ll wish to undo some of the weird creations you’re going to see. In fact, it is hard to believe they passed through the final stage. We all witness strange and crazy stuff around every day. But such designs are true nightmares for inspiration. If you plan for product design, avoid such horrible ideas.


There are crazy funky designs for a daily fun dose too. And they can make you laugh all day for being so crapy. But today we have next level funny and weird designs. For sure they’re serving the purpose as well. The most unbelievable and hard to digest things are waiting for you.

So hold on your breath and see the wired designs that are just cringey AF. Moreover, the hilarity they’re causing is undeniable.

Source: Instagram 

  1. 1 Barbie mood

  2. 2 Beach Cowboy

  3. 3 Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn

  4. 4 Cinderella‘s new carriage

  5. 5 That look

  6. 6 Cheers from France in Russia

  7. 7 My summer panties

  8. 8 Windows cannot connect to the printer. Some driver files are missing or incorrect. Reinstall the driver or try using the latest version.

  9. 9 WTF Computer Shoe

  10. 10 The ugliest of all

  11. 11 How do I know if I should be tested for STDs?

  12. 12 “I see money in you”

  13. 13 Clean hands

  14. 14 Tight Camouflage

  15. 15 Three for the price of one

  16. 16 Booger lamp

  17. 17 Midnight feast

  18. 18 know, they're pretty ugly!

  19. 19 Life in pink

  20. 20 Chair that turns to a weapon

  21. 21 I can smell, it's sick!

  22. 22 Smoke those fingaz

  23. 23 Innovative and weightless, a system defined by utility and flexibility

  24. 24 I wonder if the door smells like sandalwood?

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