Someone’s Trash Is Someone’s Treasure 30 Weird Face Tattoos


The world is falling in love with the hottest trend of the time. In fact, tattooing the body is an expressive art. But somehow, few people have decided to express this form of art the worst way. Mostly have applied cheap and weird tattoos all over thier face. Some have the decency to ruin just half of it. However, it’s not always mistakenly chosen. Horrible tattoo artists are responsible too. And luck is what they blame on after the horrific work they have done.


But the question is why someone’s trash is someone’s one’s treasure? Well! Only bad tattoo artist knows the answer. They are quite aware of their crappy art themselves, still making people look ugly.

As a matter of fact, once the face is ruined, it is quite difficult to cover up. Or removing the weird tattoo from it is nothing but deadly pain. Indeed, one must avoid getting horrible things done on the face. As we all know it’s an extremely sensitive place to get inked any way.

Having weird face tattoos can leave anyone in lifetime regrets. Here you’ll see the most horrible and weird tattoos people have ever inked thier face with. Check out the list and think you’re not going to be one of these idiots.

  1. 1 Weird

  2. 2 Terrible

  3. 3 Bean Head

  4. 4

  5. 5 Next Level

  6. 6

  7. 7 Strange

  8. 8 Mate It Actually Looks Boss

  9. 9 Original Tattoo

  10. 10 OMG

  11. 11 Crazy

  12. 12 Unusual

  13. 13 Pretty Clever

  14. 14 WTF

  15. 15 Strange

  16. 16 Hmm

  17. 17 Lol

  18. 18 This Tattoo

  19. 19 Insane

  20. 20 Bad

  21. 21 Extremely Weird

  22. 22 Oh No

  23. 23 Excuse Me

  24. 24 Creepy

  25. 25 Not A Good idea

  26. 26 Just Why

  27. 27 So Sorry

  28. 28 Dope

  29. 29 Oh Man

  30. 30 Looking Ugly

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