15 Weird Things We Do But Never Admit


There are a number of things we do in our own company. Then there are the things we do in public and keep them a secret. Here are the weird things we do.

  1. 1 Chewing nails

  2. 2 Reading the back of the shampoo bottle while in the shower

  3. 3 Smelling books

  4. 4 Smelling food before eating

  5. 5 Not Letting Food Touch On Your Plate

  6. 6 Yawning even though you don't need to yawn

  7. 7 Leavingv a shop without buying anything

  8. 8 When a policemen is anywhere near you You're trying so hard not to look suspicious, that you immediately look suspicious.

  9. 9 When you say ow but it didn't even hurt Well someone's a little attention seeking b*tch.

  10. 10 Counting the number of stairs So, so satisfying.

  11. 11 Laughing hard when you don't even get the joke

  12. 12 Repeating dialogues

  13. 13 Farting and pretending like you don't know who farted

  14. 14 Eating with manners in public

  15. 15 Changing your accent to influence someone you like

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