Personality Quiz: What Type Of Girl Are You?


We are asking ten simple questions from you ladies to find out your personality. Lets us know about you and we will gather all the results. Hope we get your personality right. Don’t forget to like, share, comment.

  1. 1 What is your ideal hangout spot?

    1. The mall with all my gal pals.
    2. A coffee shop, where the greatest ideas are born.
    3. Events venues where I can make new friends.
    4. My house is my fortress.
  2. 2 Pick your favorite outfit?

    1. Jeans and sneakers all the way! I dress to go places, not to impress.
    2. I never leave the house without high heels and a crisp suit on.
    3. Hippie chic. The more flowers, the better!
    4. I always add one fun accent to spice up a plain outfit.
  3. 3 Pick the best birthday present you could get?

    1. Knowledge is truly the greatest gift. A gift card to a boostore or access to an online course would put a smile on my face.
    2. Anything wrapped in gift paper with lots of love to top it off!
    3. A trip to Socotra or anywhere no one else has been.
    4. I ask my friend to donate to charity instead of buying me anything. Giving is better than receiving.
  4. 4 Which cause would you most likely support?

    1. Save the environment!
    2. Freedom of expression in the arts!
    3. Gender equality in the job market!
    4. I try to steer clear from all this activism stuff.
  5. 5 How do you handle conflicts?

    1. I avoid them at all costs, even if it means taking the blame.
    2. There is nothing that a constructive discussion can not resolve.
    3. I do not let other people's negativity get to me.
    4. Meditation helps a lot.
  6. 6 Which of the following do you fear most of all?

    1. Lack of inspiration.
    2. Job insecurity.
    3. Losing all my friends.
    4. Global warming.
  7. 7 What are your reading preferences?

    1. I only have time to read the news, especially if it concerns business
    2. Travel literature, it's where I get my inspiration from.
    3. I flip through magazines while getting my hair done.
    4. Nothing can beat the classics!
  8. 8 If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

    1. Healing people.
    2. Understanding animals.
    3. Speeding up and slowing down time whener i need.
    4. Flying, of course!
  9. 9 Which bumper sticker speaks to you on a personal level?

    1. If you ain't first, you're last.
    2. Be the change you wish to see in the world.
    3. Imagine all the people living life in peace.
    4. What's a bumper sticker?
  10. 10 I'd like to reward you with a flower. Which one would you like?

    1. A daisy
    2. A red rose
    3. An orchid
    4. A tulip

Personality Quiz: What Type Of Girl Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    You are like Elsa, she is calm, graceful, regal, punctual and prompt, poised and reserved.

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  2. Quiz result

    You are like Rapunzel, she is a dreamer, romantic, shy, adventurous and she wants to explore the world.

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  3. Quiz result

    You are like Moana, she is adventurous, headstrong, practically fearless, and physically capable.

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  4. Quiz result

    You are like Mavis, she is headstrong, intelligent, curious, cheerful, and independent. She has an attitude, but she is very sincere and gentle.

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