Why Hollywood Will Not Cast These 20 Actors Anymore


Check out why Hollywood won’t cast these actors. As well as the reasons to fail to gain success in the industry. In the fickle world of Hollywood, it’s hard for a star to rise to fame. A couple of box office flops, some personal issues, or even a decision to take time off could spell career disaster. For these actors, their towering celebrity status just isn’t what it used to be. Including Tobey Maguire and Kristen Stewart.


Here Slydor exploring the reasons behind, why Hollywood won’t cast these actors anymore. scroll down to see them by yourselves. Why their successful careers took a wrong turn?

  1. 1 Ashton Kutcher, Not famous anymore as he was before.

    In the 70's show, he got so much fame. that also cause him to meet his current wife. Afterwards, he got a major role in the movies. But his career did not work well as he planned or hoped. He was most famous for comedy. However, his career never took off the way fans thought it would.

  2. 2 Hollywood Hasn’t Been easy To Brendan Fraser

    His career once seemed promising. He starred in the movie "The Mommy" and many other famous movies. he was very popular at that time and he enjoyed a lot of success. The actor still takes on acting roles every now and then. But he is not as popular as he used to be.

  3. 3 Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s short career

    She was once a very popular star. But few hurdles cut her career short. one movie she did years ago was very offensive. Another problem is that many people in the industry think she is not a good actor. 

  4. 4 Taylor Lautner Was Only Popular For Twilight

    As he worked in a successful series of Twilight movie. his career seems to be very promising. But unfortunately, it didn't work. However, the star on the Netflix show CuckooBut he left the series.

  5. 5 Jessica Biel, Her career stopped after she had kids

    Motherhood is the most pleasureful experience of life. And being a mom is the most amazing feeling. But life doesn't seem to be grateful for Jessica Biel. She did star on the show The Sinner. But was replaced by actor Bill Pullman in the second season of the show.

  6. 6 Alex Pettyfer Not Getting Much Work

    Actor Alex appeared in Magic Mike. d reputation before. There were some harsh problems going on between him and actor Channing Tatum when they worked together. That is why he did not appear in the sequel of  Magic Mike.

  7. 7 Katherine Heigl ruined her own career

    Katherine Heigl has some attitude problems. Her ego is bigger than her acting career. That is why filmmakers do not want to work with her because her attitude is stronger than her acting skills.

  8. 8 Eva Mendes didn’t become so popular

    Actress Eva Mendes has been worked in very good movies. However, her career never took to much height as it supposes to be. Her most recent films were not box office successes.

  9. 9 Dane Cook Has not had the luck in industry

    Comedian and actor Dane Cook is trying to be successful for a very long time. He starred in mediocre and biggest flopped films like Employee Of The Month. He then starred in Good Luck Chuck, which was also a flop.

  10. 10 Kristen Stewart got replaced

    Actress Kristen Stewart has seen a lot of success when she starred in the Twilight film series. But her career started to slow down when she starred in the movie Snow White And The Huntsman. She did not return for the sequel, which was called The Huntsman: Winter’s Warrior.

  11. 11 Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career hit a rough patch

    Everything was great for actress Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was filming Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A lot of things kept coming in the way of her success, including the fact that she doesn’t have the talent to star in the successful films. 

  12. 12 No demand for Freddy Prinze Jr. after the early 2000’s

    Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. was Hollywood successful actor back in the 1990s and the early 2000s. However, he was working in films afterward. But then actor was set to play in Nancy Drew, but he was replaced by actor Scott Wolf.

  13. 13 Hayden Christensen

    Since actor Hayden Christensen appeared in a few Star Wars films, he has not been able to do much else.

  14. 14 Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom has a very good career before. But then everything changed. Although he made a lot of money. Some of which were a few Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. But a new character, which was the replacement for Bloom’s character.

  15. 15 Tobey Maguire is not a spider man any more

    Since spider man 3 his career started to fell down. Previous two films were a huge success. But the third one was a big disaster. 

  16. 16 Amanda Bynes

    Her lack of ability to play other types of characters may play a big role in the end of her career.

  17. 17 Matthew Fox did not become successful as everyone thoughts he would be

    Matthew Fox Fox enjoyed a lot of success when he was still on television. But when he tried in the movies things started to change. And he was in a string of movies that flopped.

  18. 18 Rob Schneider

    Actor Rob Schneider is not one of the best and promising actor in Hollywood. After all, most of the films he has starred in have been financial disasters.

  19. 19 Seann William Scott

    Actor Seann William Scott was good at playing Stifler in the American Pie films. Other than that he was not able to play any other role.

  20. 20 Jessica Alba

    On-screen character Jessica Alba may at present be prominent, however, she really hasn't been getting as much work as she used to. Alba's list of qualifications isn't extremely noteworthy, considering the way that she has been engaged with heaps of movies that floundered in the cinema world.

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