Pictures That Are So F****** True That You Won’t Believe And Won’t Stop Laughing


Some habits are so common in our people but no one thinks it is. Like drawing arcs on a mosquito bite, being lazy, and having perfect maps after naps on your body. Here are some truly mind-blowing things everyone has in their lives.

  1. 1 We all have this disappeared chair

  2. 2 What you see vs. What you get in picture

  3. 3 When you're lazy

  4. 4 Trying to use someone else's shower

  5. 5 The worst moment of my life

  6. 6 Ever happened to you?

  7. 7 Noise levels

  8. 8 Does your foot ever feel like this?

  9. 9 Good naps

  10. 10 Literally ice

  11. 11 Avocados be like

  12. 12 I'm never satisfied

  13. 13 There are two kinds of people

  14. 14 Me lol

  15. 15 Everytime I wash a spoon

  16. 16 Tetris: Adulthood edition

  17. 17 That's so me

  18. 18 Story of my life

  19. 19 Maybe a perfect angle make connection

  20. 20 Lol

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