World’s Most Weird Drinks You Will Never Even Think Of Tasting Them


Do you really love trying different drinks and beverages? Are you addicted to drinks that you can’t miss even a single day without a drink? Here is a list of drinks you’ll never ever try even if you’re an addict.

  1. 1 Kumis/horse milk

  2. 2 Snake wine

  3. 3 Seagull wine

  4. 4 Squirrel beer

  5. 5 Bacon infused vodka

  6. 6 Lizard wine

  7. 7 Peruvian Frog Juice

  8. 8 The Sourtoe Cocktail

  9. 9 Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail

  10. 10 Gau Jal (Cow Urine Soda)

  11. 11 Yak butter tea

  12. 12 Yogurito

  13. 13 Prairie Oyster

  14. 14 Pulque

  15. 15 Cement Mixer

  16. 16 Baby mice wine

  17. 17 Three penis wine

  18. 18 Live Minnow Shot

  19. 19 Tapeworm shot

  20. 20 Bloody Brain

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