You Haven’t Seen A Photoshop Joke Like This Before LMFAO! 30 Pics


Never ask the internet for anything. However, this is funny helpful sometimes. Imagine a lady ask for photoshop request from the internet. And you haven’t seen a photoshop joke like this before Lmfao. Because each one is fresh and full of comedy.


Well, she asks for her best friend sister. Who just got engaged and she is the one in the photo. And wants to photoshop that dude in the photo. But people are so witty. They helped them though. In fact, if you ask the internet to photoshop a pic obviously it never ends calmly. The majority of these were done by seriously talented people. These are brilliant LMFAO. At least they got what they are asking for. My favorite was Unc Snoop.

Hence Slydor selects these photoshop trolls. I bet you haven’t seen a photoshop joke like once before. Photoshop is awesome. It makes you smile. You will say oh! I love the internet so much. So start scrolling now. let the game begin!

Credit: Imgur

  1. 1 Help!

  2. 2 OMG! The Third Wheel Is Nicholas

  3. 3 Hmm

  4. 4 Fat Dude Is Looking Slim

  5. 5 Hold On Jack

  6. 6 Hahaha

  7. 7 Oops! He Is Behind The Cups

  8. 8 The Fat Dude Should Dance Now

  9. 9 In 50 Years, Her grandchildren Will Look At Them, And Say "What The Actual F**k?"

  10. 10 Lol

  11. 11 OMG Sharks Are Here Too

  12. 12 What?

  13. 13 Well Done Mr Bean

  14. 14 Nice

  15. 15 LMFAO

  16. 16 Photoshop Him Out!

  17. 17 I Kick Him Out

  18. 18 Crazy Old Man

  19. 19 Weird

  20. 20 Let Him Freeze

  21. 21 I Am The Best Not The Fat Dude

  22. 22 Hilarious

  23. 23 Art Gallery

  24. 24 WTF

  25. 25 Please Help

  26. 26 He Is Not In The Bar Now

  27. 27 Could You Ask Harry For Some Magic

  28. 28 Oh He Is Actually The Fat Dude?

  29. 29 Putin?

  30. 30 Finally!

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