Your Parents Might Disown You For These Awful Tattoos 30 Pics


Folks! Your parents might disown you for such awful tattoos. In fact, when you will look at them you will feel cringe too. Because the execution is just weird.


In particular, we can say bad or worst tattoo attempts. Well, no doubt its an art and need a lot of effort. But some tacky tattoo design is insanely strange. So when your family or friend see they can say wtf is this? or maybe your parents disown you. Jokes apart if you start scrolling you can see what Slydor collect for you. So go ahead, guys. Finally, your tats are listed below.  Save and share. Stay Tuned!


  1. 1 Eyeceps

  2. 2 Pink & Stink

  3. 3 Cockroach Tattoos

  4. 4 Awful Everything

  5. 5 Lol, Looks Like A To Do List

  6. 6 You’re A Bad Dude Charlie Brown

  7. 7 Shockingly Bulbous

  8. 8 This Spider On A Shoulder

  9. 9 Armpit Tattoo

  10. 10 Juggalo

  11. 11 Beware Baby On Board

  12. 12 This Fucking Tattoo

  13. 13 “Notorious” Tattoo

  14. 14 Peep N Tracy On The Right Leg

  15. 15 Live Fast, Eat Trash

  16. 16 Groot Gang

  17. 17 Cat Mustache

  18. 18 Rat Nipple

  19. 19 Kenny The Tiger Tattoo

  20. 20 Diet Coke Tattoo Anyone?

  21. 21 Just Why?

  22. 22 Come On. That Is Just Cute!

  23. 23 Well, That’s One Way To Throw A Party In The Back

  24. 24 Why Wearing Pants When You Have... This?

  25. 25 I’m Impressed...

  26. 26 Aunt?

  27. 27 Thanks, I Hate Squidbrows

  28. 28 That’s How He Got That Big Herpy

  29. 29 The Ice Cream Man

  30. 30 Bald Cyclops Muppet

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